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Nursing & Amenities

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Be fully pampered by our in house nursing services. We have a full range of nursing services managed by our professionally trained nurses. From Elderly/Palliative Care to Post Operative Care , Post Stroke Care , Post Hospital Discharge Wound Management , Wound Dressing , Diabetic Wound , Post Operation Wound , Bed Sore Wound / Pressure Sore ,

Medication Administration/ Injection , Personal Hygiene , Assisted Bath / sponging , Colostomy Care / Stoma Care , Phlegm Suction

Tracheostomy Care and Suction , Change of Tube / Catheter , Feeding / Nasogastric Tube

urine Catheter / Urinary catheterization , Physiotherapy , Basic Physiotherapy , Post Amputation (leg) , Post Stroke

Health Screening , Basic health Screening and Blood Test and Personal Health Consultation.

Security and peace of mind for your family is our priority as well therefore CCTV’s are installed to view the building and its activities 24hrs a day 7 days a week.


Health screenings and check-ups are organized monthly. 


A nutrition and dietitian advisory to be followed to encourage healthy eating . However a little compromise if there are special occasions like birthdays.


Other required medical attention would be closely adhered and followed. We will try our level best to provide what is necessary and important for our residents. We do not want to have a routine and regime like environment rather create what makes you feel comfortable. We would constantly evolve to enhance our services from time to time. So if you are above 60’s and would want a proper service and care, than check into My Garden as we aim to bring geriatric care from our heart.

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The Main Building

dining area

front of the building


side of the building


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phsio room_edited.jpg

room with hospital bed

room with wooden bed(no window)

room with wooden bed

phsiotherapy room

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